Jazz & Hip HopĀ 


Students learn techniques based on ballet and modern dance. Through warm-ups and exercises students gain strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination. Musicality and performance skills are taught through a series of dance combinations. Classes starts with a warm-up that stretches and tones the body. This class develops proper body alignment, flexibility, balance and strength. Exercises follow that isolate the different parts of the body and develop increasingly complex coordination of the arms, head and legs.


We currently offer 5 levels of hip hop/street jazz. Street Jazz is a new hybrid dance of jazz essential combined with hip hop and funk. This is a fast paced dance form. Based on classical jazz with an added contemporary feel to the choreographic style and music selection. The class is comprised of a contrast of precise smooth loose movement, rigid precise motion and poses, both high and low impact footwork and free range of motion that improves flexibility.

Ann Parsley School of Dance

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