Policies & Tuition 


All students must register before beginning fall classes, which includes completion of the front and back of the registration form and the emergency information form. There is a $25 non-refundable annual family registration fee, or $15 individual fee, required at the time of registration. This fee is a separate fee and does not apply towards tuition. Students will not be registered for classes unless fee is paid at the time of registration.

**Pre-pointe and Strength and Stretch Classes
All students enrolled in pre-pointe will need to purchase a pre-pointe kit prior to beginning the class. Pre-pointe kits will be available for purchase at the front desk. Kits are $10.00 each and will include all of the supplies needed for the class. Dancers enrolled in Strength and Stretch will need to purchase a Ballet Band. Ballet Bands are available on amazon.com or balletband.com for $19.99.

Class Information

Classes that are marked with a T after the teacher initials are not in the recital and are technique only. Classes that are marked with an R will participate in the recital. Students in classes that are marked with a * must also be enrolled in a ballet class. Creative Movement, Beginning, Adv Beginning, Pre Jazz, Tap III and IV and Primary I, II and III classes are in one performance for the recital. All other classes are in both performances for the recital. Students who wish to go on pointe must take pre-pointe for at least one year prior to enrolling in beginning pointe. Students may not enroll in or be in a recital dance for a class unless they have tested into the Cecchetti levels listed under the class or they have received teacher permission.

Studio Policies

· Boys Scholarships: Our studio offers half off all tuition with the exception of creative movement for boys up to age 18.

· The school year will consist of (36) thirty-six weekly class sessions from Sept. 10, 2018 - June 15, 2019. Monthly tuition is based on the average of 3.6 classes per month. Some months have as few as (2) two weeks others have as many as (5) five.

· There is no pro-rated tuition. There are no refunds, credits or transfers of tuition for missed classes, snow days or holiday breaks. We strongly encourage students to make up any missed classes. Students may make-up classes during the year with any other class of the same level or lower, even if it is not the same type of dance.

· Tuition is due by the first lesson of the month. Payments may be made at the office, by mail or via telephone. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to make payments at the desk. We accept the following methods of payment: Cash, Check, Visa and MasterCard.

· We no longer offer full year payment discounts.

· Payments will be considered late on the 15th day of the month. A $10.00 Late Fee will be added to all accounts that carry a balance each month on any tuition/costume balance. THESE FEES WILL NOT BE WAIVED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. Classes will be suspended for all accounts that are over 30 days past due. A $30 fee is charged on all returned checks.

· The studio reserves the right to deny students from participating in the recital, without a refund of costume or tuition monies, if absences are extreme and excessive.

· Class days and times are subject to change based upon enrollment.

· Students are to abide by studio dress code at all times. Students that are not properly dressed will be dismissed from class.

· Closures due to inclement weather will be announced on our website and will be on our outgoing telephone voice mail.

· Children ages 8 and under may not be left unattended at the studio, unless they are in class with an instructor. If a dancer, 8 years or younger has breaks in between classes, a parent or guardian must be present and within view of the child.

· Any child, age 6 and under, may not be left unattended at the studio, at any time, regardless of whether or not they are in class.

· If a student is left unattended, we will first call the parent or guardian. If the parent or guardian is not reachable, we will move to the emergency contact. There is absolutely no use of any studios that are vacant. Studio staff will close the doors and shut off the lights when a studio is not in use. Dancers are not permitted to enter these rooms.







Private - 30 Minutes



Private - 45 Minutes



Private - 60 Minutes



Semi-Private (2)- 30 Minutes



Semi-Private (2)- 45 Minutes



Semi-Private (2)- 60 Minutes



Semi-Private (3) - 30 Minutes



Semi-Private (3)- 45 Minutes



Semi-Private (3)- 60 Minutes






Lessons Per Week

Cost Per Month If Paying By Cash/Check

Cost Per Month If Paying By Debit/Credit

One - 30 Minute Lesson



One - 45 Minute Lesson 



One - 60 Minute Lesson



One - 75 Minute Lesson



One - 90 Minute Lesson



Three Classes



Four Classes



Five Classes



Six Classes



Seven Classes



 Unlimited Classes - One Dancer





Lessons Length

Cost If Paying By Cash/Check

Cost If Paying By Debit/Credit

30 Minute Lesson



45 Minute Lesson 



60 Minute Lesson



75 Minute Lesson



90 Minute Lesson



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